David Groode

Life Navigation

Creating, managing, and moving through life changes and the impact that they have on you and the people around you.

How do you respond to change?
Learn how you can make better decisions and have peace of mind throughout that process of navigating changes.
Discover how you can create a life that is inspiring, energizing, and heart connected.
Identify what stands in your way to being able to fully step into your power, to take control of your life and how you manage it.
Breakthrough to live a more fulfilling, joy filled life, that is awake and aligned with your core values.


David Groode is the founder of Innerprecision, a platform that offers transformational seminars and events, a variety of consultations, and trips to places of power and world heritage sites.

As a professional psychic and numerologist for over 30 years, David has developed a multidimensional and multifaceted intuitive process that is unique in being able to bring, healing, integration, and clarity to his clients allowing them to connect with their own inner truths.

Products, Courses, Consultations:


3 one hour Personal Life Navigation Coaching Sessions

conference, speaker

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