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We offer a unique opportunity for businesses from all walks of life to join our professional platform for you to showcase your expertise, products, and services, all under one spectacular umbrella at the fantastic Online Conference!

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We have a huge database of over 26 000 South African and 115 000 international subscribers that we will be marketing to. 

Body and Mind, South Africa’s largest online health marketing company will be marketing this event extensively along with each speaker to their own databases. 

The Spirit Lifestyle Festival is annual festival held in Durban, South Africa that celebrates spirit, health and well being. 

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We are beyond thrilled to extend this invitation for your enterprise to join forces with us as we sprinkle buckets of knowledge and inspiration all over the world.

We are committed to make our online events spectacular!
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This online conference serves as a multi-purpose platform that extends beyond boring limits encapsulating a diverse group of facilitators and speakers, hence to be of service to a diverse audience who will enjoy a quality tasteful environment. 

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The total cost as a sponsor for the event is $100
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What this entails will be a link on our homepage with your logo that will take members to your website and book your services directly.

We look forward to your favorable response as we know together we can create a magical adventure so bright even the ISS (International Space Station) will notice our light!
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