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World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID)

The World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) is a pioneering initiative to address some of the most challenging concerns in health and well-being. We focus on improving the quality of life of those affected by incurable diseases, non-medical responders, psycho-spiritual syndromes and their side-effects by researching and applying pioneering energy healing strategies. Master Del Pe founded WIID based on his 29 years of experience and miracles with energy work, healing, life-coaching and mentoring in his travels to over 100 countries.

WIID applies the breakthrough modality of BEwell Science with energy healing, bio-mechanical exercises, breathing techniques and self-healing meditations, combined with life-coaching and mentoring to holistically support, energize and empower the health, vitality, emotions and mental wellness of people suffering from incurable diseases and health afflictions that are not easily solved by modern medicine or psychology.

Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe is considered a modern sage and life mentor to many advanced-Soul disciples around the world. His main role, aside from certifying international trainers and specialists in healing science and spiritual mastery, is to help bring advanced seekers to the highest level of enlightenment and self-mastery. This results to total self-fulfillment no matter what path they chose to have. Master Del Pe emphasizes the 3 main paths to higher development: the path of love, path of light and the path of power. He developed a comprehensive curriculum for the 3 specialized subjects namely: ‘self-care’ to bring total well-being to one’s life, ‘self-development’ to equip oneself with life tools to excel in any chosen path, and ‘self-mastery’ to bring the highest human potential through an enlightened and balanced life. He founded 3 USA-based organizations: WILGA (Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement), WIID (World Institute for Incurable Diseases) and BIHC (BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness) to help spread his teachings and execute his projects globally.

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