About Us

Traci French
Body and Mind

I leaped into faith back in April 2000 to give birth to my online baby www.bodyandmind.co.za

I was fortunate enough to live my passion through creating what was to become one of South Africa’s leading (and most comprehensive) online health, wellness and spiritual platforms. Twenty years later I am still in awe and humbled by this amazing experience having met and mingled with thousands of therapists, sales experts and customers who all shared a common interest.

The online concept fitted my marketing passion like a tailor-made designer glove as one is impossible without the other. Being able to explore and support another of my passions (computers) was just the sweetest cherry on my online cake so to speak, for what would an online directory be without a computer and marketing!

Apart from being blessed with an amazing family at home, Body and Mind has created its own network of friends that has become like family. Although our online grid is continuously expanding, I keep my finger on the pulse to maintain a close and personal connection with every one of our clients and customers. The nature of our work is just that, to spread health, wellness and mystical inspiration as far as we can imagine.    

If you can dream it, you will live it!

Stephan Hoffman
The Itinerantmage

My journey thus far has guided me from corporate to conscious. They say that we are never in the wrong place unless we prefer to be stuck there, so instead of being stuck in an environment I wasn’t comfortable in, I took the knowledge of that world and used it to further my inner passion as a Holistic Mindset Coach. The corporate world gave me a wonderous gift of network-know-how and business skills, for which I will always be grateful. 

Although I have ‘been there and done that’ the mystics of magic known as alchemy has certainly stirred a knowingness within me that makes me feel comfortable and at-ease, like I am meant to do exactly what I do! With one foot remaining in the corporate podium I have forged strong bonds with top-brass global service providers, and although my passion is mystics and holistic wellbeing, I remain resolutely connected to the world of technology which knows no boarders as we are truly all ONE, even in the clouds.

My strategic mindset and attitude is dedicated towards The Wellness Lifestyle Conference adding to the team’s extraordinary strengths.

Priscilla Gendron
Spirit Lifestyle Festival
I created and hosted several Spirit Lifestyle festivals bringing a fresh approach to health, wellness and well-being. I am an entrepreneur, and event organizer by trade, and have orchestrated many, many events around the globe bringing together people from all walks of life under one umbrella of evolution. I deal with clients on an international level whereby I specialise to deliver unique qualities to each and every event, and this one being no exception, in fact I know that The Wellness Lifestyle Conference online event will be one of note!

Having worked my way across the UK, USA and South Africa for many years travelling back and forth, I have developed an excellent perception of what people are looking for when it comes to events, especially in the holistic domain. I have over 30 years’ experience in my field thus apart from sharing my knowledge and ‘know-how’ with speakers and exhibitors, I understand what the attendees are looking for which makes it a win/win all the way.

One of my main mottos are “Knowledge is Power” which is my underlying purpose with these events, for the more information we can share with those that are searching, the better part we play in everyone’s empowerment.

Our Combined Devotion

We are three unique specialists from diverse yet unified backgrounds who have decided to conglomerate to present to you our Online Speaker Conference this July. Our promise is that you will be hanging on the edge of your seat, so best keep all your favorite tit-bits within reach!

There is no doubt that with our combined expertise, skill and network scope we are set to create an international online spectacular that promises to be riveting in every way, and whilst catering for a broad-spectrum audience we kept it easy on the pocket, even in our local currency!

Do join us for this astonishing one-weekend online event set to broaden horizons as our collective efforts will be spread across the globe with over 150 000 confirmed subscribers from all continents joining hands and hearts with over 60 international guest speakers weaving a tapestry of inspiration covering all lifestyle avenues from alternative to utterly wholesome. 

This is one event not to be missed!