Viviane Chauvet- USA

Ancient Quantum Healing

Arcturian Energy Matrix was created by Viviane Chauvet and our Arcturian Council. It weaves codes of light and soul energy into the client’s holographic blueprint. Our matrix is a quantum grid designed to serve as a catalyst of DNA activation and conscious transformation. We help our clients to shift the physical and subtle bodies as clear conduits, ignite latent gifts, re-pattern the body matrix to higher interconnection between the self and Higher Soul, and heal soul fractals within the soul matrix. In this talk, we will do a holographic quantum light code activation in a group setting


Interviewed worldwide, Viviane’s inspirational life story as an advanced biological Arcturian hybrid, high priestess, spiritual teacher, speaker, and interstellar voice channel has touched the heart of thousands of people. She is also a consultant on j3FILMS Production award-winning second documentary “Extraordinary: The Seeding”, and will be featured in their third upcoming documentary. Viviane is the producer & co-host of “The Infinite Star Connections” Podcast as well as the owner of Infinite Healing From The Stars. Viviane offers ancient quantum healing services and actively works with people from all backgrounds.


I am happy to offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to a lucky visitor. It is designed to assess the person’s needs, establish a healing plan of action, and answers question. During the consultation, the person (visitor) receives an energetic download.

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