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Ancestral Healing In Effective Communication

Have you ever said something and regretted it?

Whether it was immediately after you said it or later once you had time to think, you wanted to take it back but couldn’t.

As children, we are taught how to say words but not to communicate. We learn standard responses to questions that our parents or guardians feel are appropriate. What if the words we give our kids are outdated or are injected with judgement and fear?

All words carry energy. They can be positive, loving and nurturing. Or they can be negative, fearful and scary.

As parents, guardians or role models we have our own language matrix ingrained into our brain. It takes time, energy and effort to change although we can act now with how we communicate. It starts with conscious choice.

Join me to learn more about how injecting conscious choice can lead to effective communication, humility and remove judgement with our children and the wider world.

I’ll cover the power of the Do-Over and offer a Simple Process & Strategy on how to make easy and lasting changes to your life.


Vicky Poole is an Ancestral Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker.

She battled through mental and physical abuse as a child, suffered the Power of other Peoples Perceptions (POOPP) until she was in her late 20’s. Vic has come face to face with suicide twice and came through the other side.

Once Vic became a Mum, she caught herself acting like her parents with her son and went about making changes to herself that would impact her future generations. Ancestral Healing then became a significant part of her practice and she works with other parents to make conscious choices in their life, to create the future that they really want.

Working through her company, Vicky Poole Coaching, she is thrilled to have been invited to be a regular contributor to Sibella Publications from May 20 to April 21. She is also a co-author on a book that is due for release in October 2020.

A proud Geordie lass from Newcastle (UK), Vicky now lives in Reading (UK) with her husband, son and two British short hair fur babies.
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