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Belief systems & Self Healing

I invite you to exploring the subconscious belief systems that harm you, how to heal them and how this will change your reality.
Deep within each soul is the wisdom to know what it needs to heal itself.
Our belief systems are the very things that define us and shape our world. What we believe directly impacts how we think and act. By identifying our hidden negative belief systems we have the power to change our lives completely.
Through powerful relaxation and meditation techniques Vernon will shine a light on the inner traps that stop you moving forward and show you how to shift your specific limiting belief systems. The insights and healing you will gain from this are beyond words.

What some of Vernon’s current students are saying:
“Vernon, the only way I can describe you is as an energy magician! The online sessions are so powerful and very interesting to experience the changes in the days answers thereafter. It literally takes me days to fully recover.”

“Last night’s session was AMAZING. It helped me a great deal with healing a recent trauma. I feel so much lighter and grounded. Always a pleasure working with you. Thank you.”

“Thank you Vernon for holding the guiding light for us. For bringing us together around your light. For loving us and knowing we have been struggling, thrown about on a stormy sea, challenged by the collective energy of fear around us that was dragging us down and depleting us. The practices you have done with us have been amazing. Words fail me. I feel my energy is stronger now and I thank you for enabling me to connect more deeply with myself, my purpose, my essence.”
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Vernon is a world renowned teacher, metaphysician and healer from Cape Town, South Africa. His innate gift as a powerful metaphysician and clairvoyant gives him a unique psychic ability to follow your thought patterns and identify your limiting beliefs, see what event in your life caused it, and then remove the negative charge of that subconscious belief.

He is unorthodox, relevant and humorous. He’s a breath of fresh air!

Vernon works from the heart and has a passion for nurturing growth, freedom and empowerment in people. Vernon has worked with young, old and in-between from every aspect of life: from truck drivers, artists, dentists, teachers, to Fortune 500, JTI, and YPO, and has appeared regularly on CNN and other international media. His talks and workshops are highly interactive and experiential, with many demonstrations, and deliver life-changing insights.


Vernon is happy to give away a Private One on One Session.

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