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Introducing myself and why food is so important to your Health and Wellness.  You are given a road map by your parents in your Genetic foundations.  So now we give you a unique way via your DNA to   really understand your body.  Your body holds your individual Blue-Print and finally someone is listening and we formulate a
95% Raw Organic Planet based, 5% Minerals to best support your Genetic weakness. We produce 4 different Reports, Skin, Fitness, Weight Management Release and Wellness Action Report.  Our Flagship Report, is the Wellness Action Report that looks at The Heavy Hitters of Healthy Aging. These are amazing tools for your health because your Genetics are never going to go away.  Nothing is more valuable than your DNA, it gives you clarity.  Uforia helps you understand how to feel your very best.


I am a Path Changer. I was born in Australia and now l live in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, U.S.A. l have had a long career that includes being a Chef, Woodworker, Rolfer, Nutritionist and a Business Owner.
My passion is to directly work with people to help them realize better health. Helping them take control of their health through education and coaching with save modern Science. In a simple and affordable way. I help people succeed with DNA supplementation specific to them, so that they can live the best version of themselves.


 One free hour session going over your personalized Uforia DNA Results and create a friendship..

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Country reside in:United States of America
Mobile Number:206-928-3057
Your social media links::https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-tesch-myers-aa651566

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