Tia Wiblin

Master the Art of Deeper Connection

In the busyness of life, we are so often in our heads thinking about the past or the future, frequently not present in our bodies or fully aware in the moment.
As a result, we have become more scattered & disconnected from ourselves & our lives.
Consequently, we battle to access that innately powerful part of ourselves which knows at all times where we are, where we need to be and how to get there.
When we become disconnected in this way, we lose touch with our inner guidance systems. Similar to losing GPS signal when trying to navigate somewhere.
This talk covers 7 simple, practical steps to experience more wellbeing, clarity, and fulfilment through a deeply connected life. Join me as we explore these life-changing tools together!


Tia Wiblin is the face and heart behind Innate Healing (www.innatehealing.co.za) which offers Healing and Self-development services as well as a handcrafted range of natural, powerful and easy to use healing and support products for the energy conscious individual.

Tia is an Innate Healing Practitioner & Facilitator, dynamically using her skills to help those wishing to reach their fullest potential. She has a particular mission to bring further guidance, inspiration and support tools for those on the path of Healing & Self-development.

Tia has been practising for over two decades. Her training and experience includes Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Natural Supplementation, Detoxification, Counselling, Self-development practices, Meditation, Massage, Bio-Genetic Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing and Teaching.

Tia’s expertise is supported by many years of experience in private practice in Durban, South Africa, where she continues to consult daily with clients through a variety of Healing and Self-development workshops, lectures and courses, a non-profit community enrichment program and private remote consultations.

Tia offers regular remote sessions to many of her clients around the world. Distance healing is powerful, versatile and effective because energy healing is moves beyond the restrictions of physical boundaries.

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