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Yoga is not Gymnastics

I’ll be doing a talk/ demo on various yoga postures to help with overall body and mind healing. Here you will learn about the ’10 Commandments’ of yoga and how these rules teach us to be righteous and kind.
The demo will be suitable for all ages and ailments. Some of the moves can even be done in a chair.


Yoga helped me to get out of a deep depression. I was in a terrible state of self loathing and the world just became too much. With the simple practice of yogic principals and daily mindfulness, I feel I have grown into a space of love, joy and gratitude. I love learning. I love helping… and maybe, one day, I can save a life.
Over the last 13 years, Gurudev Swami Shankaranana Maharajji, has initiated us into various practices. Our journey is not the traditional ‘200 hours’ of practice. We wish to uplift our planet and let others know that we are more than who we think we are. Something as simple and a few yoga poses may just be enough to ‘be the change’ we can to see!

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