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Top Ten Things to Know About YOU!

When you come into this lifetime, you are taught to be of service to others in order to meet their needs and not yours. You become fatigued, exhausted, irritated and wondering what you really came here to do and how to do it, when others require so much of you.

This workshop is about getting to know YOU, your abilities, what you like, do not like, what you have to offer and learn how to use it for yourself first, and then for others.

Love of Self is the only way to be of service to others, because when you are neglecting you, it is difficult to give away that which you do not have to give. Learn to embrace your needs and then that of others. That is standing in your empowerment.


Tammy De Mirza is globally known as The Freedom Alchemist ™, who specializes in creating the alchemy of the relationship you want to stay in.

As an internationally sought-after speaker, author and intuitive, she helps single, divorced, married, bereaved and dumped women from all creeds and professions, to stop running, start clarifying and break through fears, control, judgments, shame, regrets and build the self-confidence needed to get the love women want.

Serving over 4,000 clients and learning from some of the world’s leading experts


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