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Recover Your Joy

Join us as Tamara discusses why you might be going through a spiritual shift, why your emotions may be up and down, why you may feel lost or blocked, angry, anxiety-ridden, or sad. Do you feel you want to connect to “Source” – but just can’t? Have you suffered a loss from a loved one’s death? Financial loss? Or stuck in a career you don’t like anymore? Do you feel lost in your purpose and direction in life? Do you need your passion and truth back? If you agree with any of these, come join us for this discussion.


Tamara Caulder Richardson, Internationally-known, accomplished Evidential Psychic Medium, Christ Channeler, 6x Near-Death Experiencer, Afterlife Speaker and Spiritual Teacher, will help you get real soul-searching answers and techniques to not only overcome being sad, stopped in life and depressed, but find your true inner joy and life purpose! It is time to laugh and love life!



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  • Doris M Acquaviva

    I found Tamara Caulder on a podcast called “Past Lives” by Simon Brown. Her interview was so captivating to me. After researching her I found her YouTube channel and then it brought me to this wonderful organization. The spiritual world has just opened up my physical soul. I have had so much tragedy in the last 14 months through this pandemic. It has changed me so much. I am looking into my soul and growing my spiritual growth. Staying home 24/7 has made me think I need to change my path moving forward.


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