Susan Hayes – USA

Emotional Connection with “Dis”Ease

What if the cure for what ails you is found or “trapped” within? What if you have subconsciously generated and/or created “dis”ease in your body to achieve a purpose? What if in responding to your thoughts and related emotions, your body has activated neural pathways detri”mental” to your health?…or DEactivated pathways which foster well-being? Susan Hayes shares her own experience with her clients as an Emotional Energy Release Therapist as well her late husband’s journey with cancer, demonstrating how trapped emotions can lead to “dis”ease; and subsequently, also showing how releasing these “trapped” emotions can lead to EASE. Tune in!


Susan Hayes, the Spark Activator, is the founder of Sol Activation, LLC. She is in an Inspirational Speaker, Abundance Life Coach, Master Energy Healer, and a #1 Bestselling International Author. Her Global mission is to inspire and empower others to activate the spark within. This is successfully achieved by showing others how to let go of limiting belief systems and programming, and REactivate dormant DNA strands that foster optimal emotional and physical well-being.
It is through Susan’s own experience as an Emotional Energy Release Therapist AND client in which she really came to innerstand the mind-body connection. Through these experiences, Susan has learned valuable tools and strategies to facilitate others in moving beyond physiological and emotional symptoms and “dis”ease into a truly happy, healthy, and successful life.
Recently, Susan launched her online course: Abundance Academy: How to Activate the Brain, Body, & Business for SUCCESS! Click the following link : or schedule a complimentary call for more information: Se habla español.


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