Suki Klair – UK

The Rocky Road to Finding Me.

A short conversation on beating the trauma, unhappiness and despair. By perseverance, focus, hope and faith. Because tomorrow is always a better day, if we choose it, see if and believe it.

My Life is Like a Dry Cracker

This talk is about how to find joy in your life, bring back the balance within and deal with loss of self. Talking about feelings of emptiness, sense of being ungrounded and feeling an empty space in your heart.

Keeping Safe on The Spiritual path

Suki Klair and Owen french will be having a discussion on the importance of self care, protecting your energy from negativity, cleansing and grounding. The importance of having a simple daily ritual to tune in to oneself to bring peace, harmony and emotional balance.


I am an intuitive holistic psychic as well as an artist, writer and Counsellor. I have a passion to help people find their true self.

To be in harmony with their lives even if things out there don’t change.
The biggest changes are from within. Helping you to clear the clutter in your mind and spring clean your attitude towards yourself brings forth a happier, balanced and productive YOU. Helping you find YOU is my goal and mission.


A free hour long session to explore their goals to take them further into fulfilling their dreams

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