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How to Traverse the 2021 Energies.

There is a 2021 change energy with a massive push from the planetary and universal energies which are supporting us now to re-evaluate who we are, who we want to be and how we want to be living our lives.
There is an awakening and ascension process in the world and it is bringing to the surface our unhealed wounds and blocks as we continue to vibrate at higher frequencies. We can learn how to deal with these, free ourselves from restrictions and stay centered in our being. We learn how to tap into our own Soul intuition, to recognize triggers and survival language, to release, heal and live a joyful life that truly resonates.

Empath’s wellbeing in this time

2020 is a particularly intense year with the shift that is taking place on this earth and it is very important to protect and take care of our physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing in these times, especially for Empaths, Highly Sensitives and Intuitives.

2020 was always going to be an impactful year, although we never thought that part of it would be a global viral pandemic. Yet it has shaken us as societies and individuals and stopped us in our tracks. However challenging and painful it may be, it IS a good thing!

Our Souls are doing a deep dive to really bring out, cleanse and heal any old emotional energy that is left from past experiences, including past lives and help us to break genetic patterns and programs for good. All this is allowing us to raise our energy vibrations and create a life that truly resonates with us.
I will talk about the extra measures we can take to do this and stay safe and balanced.


I am a Medical Technologist who specialized in the biology of the body and since qualifying in Reflexology over 20 years ago I have studied the affect of emotions on the human energy field and physical body. I am a healer and intuitive life coach and an Empath. I have also personally experienced how past lives can affect our current life and need releasing and healing as well.
My purpose is to help people to tap into their own innate wisdom, intuitive and self healing abilities as well as their own gifts. I share tools and resources that I have used to
to help myself and nothing gives me more joy than seeing people help and empower themselves.


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