Sue Carrol

Spirituality in Business

Increasingly, business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere are starting to feel a need to reassess their business. Is this what I really want? Is it what I set out to do? Is this really fulfilling me and achieving my life purpose? Do I like the way I am doing business? Could I do this in a way that is more sympathetic to the earth?
These questions, and many more like them, are difficult to answer, especially when we have become accustomed to putting profit first.
Does this sound like you? If so, you are definitely not alone! Join Sue Carrol for a unique and practical insight into how to recognise the pitfalls, and how you can bring your own spirituality and beliefs into your practice in a way that balances the need to make money with the need to feel authentic. The session will leave you with some really practical ‘take aways’ and tips for you to use from today to start to bring more spirituality into your business.


Sue Carrol has had the ability to speak to Spirit since she was in her teens. Before taking early retirement to be able to be a full time professional Medium, Sue was a successful businesswoman having owned and run several businesses both in the UK and abroad, also specialising in place management, regeneration and economic development.

In 2011, Sue became the head of one of the most extensive small business organisations in the UK– Leeds’ historic Kirkgate Market. Responsible for almost 1000 small businesses, Sue mentored these from start-up through to expansion and everything in between. Because of her experience of small business, Sue was invited to work with Leeds Beckett University as a founder member of the Leeds Independent Food & Drink Academy (IFDA), which provides a wealth of expertise and support to hospitality businesses in West Yorkshire. Sue now brings her spiritual practice to bear to deepen and enhance her consultancy work in business advice and mentorship.

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