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Improved Cellular Health in 120 Days

Having lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and following a holistic path throughout my life, it came as a great shock to have suffered a heart attack in 2017 having 3 stents fitted. I came out of hospital with 7 medications having never had any prescribed drugs in my life before. My desire to have a drug free life led me to research on Omega3. My personal journey to being drug free and back to abundant health. From an inflammatory state to robust health and wellness which is kind of important with this pandemic.
Looking forward to sharing this with you. Sue


Sue is 66, married to Nigel for almost 40 years and mother to Lauren and Yaya to 3 amazing grandkids.
Made the decision to create my own wealth rather than making someone else rich. I knew I was worth more than my boss was prepared to pay me. I have been successfully networking for 30 years and have always been in an around the health and wellness arena. Stumbled across some pretty disruptive technology that got me back to better health and allows me to help others do the same.
We only have one body to live in, where else are you going to live? Better look after it in the best way you can.
I help health conscious people improve their cellular health in 120 days to become a better version of themselves.


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