Stephen van Basten – Video

Create the Ultimate Lifestyle

Stephen will introduce the concepts that outline the body of his work:
What is possible?
Dare to Dream?
Creating the Ultimate Lifestyle!

And of course adding one or two “exercises” that can be implemented immediately!


After almost 25 years of leading Spiritual meetings both locally and internationally, officiating at hundreds of weddings and funerals and decades of presenting at corporate level in his sales and marketing capacity, Stephen has many hours of public speaking experience.

He is well known and appreciated for his incredibly candid and thought provoking messages. For cleverly making one re-evaluate one’s beliefs and paradigms in a humorous, gentle questioning manner.

Stephen is respected by many as a Philosopher, Minister, Life Coach, Human Behavior Specialist, Teacher and Expert on Relationships, Life Skills, concepts of Life & Death and the Meaning of Life.

Annually, Stephen conducts around 200 funerals, 75 weddings and spends about 200 hours coaching, teaching and counselling.
He also performs church services and talks at various Universalist and Spiritualist Churches. This translates into an annual live audience of over 15 000 per year and a reach of over 20 000 people.


A hard copy of my book, titled: People Mastery.

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