Stephan Hoffman

Reclaiming Your Power

2020 has proven that our paradigm was not what we thought it would be. Uncertain times have led many of us to realise that we have been distracted, and allowed ourselves to give up our power.

In this talk I will give you the tools on how you can not only redefine your purpose, but also reclaim your power so you can embody it!


I am, by nature, highly empathic, with a soul path that calls me to heal those around me. I can tell you that having such strong inclinations with no idea how to protect myself, led to years of painful learning. It is my hope that my experiences will help others to navigate their own life path with more ease.

I have studied, and continue to study, varying paths of magickal lore. From Hermeticism, to Daoism, to the local magickal practices. I have found correspondences in them all, but my focus is and always will be Hermeticism & Alchemy as the tools I use to create a healing environment.

As a part of my daily healing practice I endeavour to follow the Science of Ayurveda to promote a healthy and energetic state of being.

In the secular world, I enjoy cooking – A well made meal is one of the most magickal expressions in this existence.

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