Stefanie Dohrmann – Inmotion


Gentle Yoga Session for 45 minutes at 12pm

Stefanie Dohrmann is a Yoga teacher, Personal trainer & movement expert with over 23 years experience.

Taught by teachers worldwide and a backround as a dancer Stefanie creates a playful and holistic approach to her flowful sessions. Teaching all group classes one can imagine for 15 years she focuses since her move to Cape Town in 2011 on tailor made one on one trainings to help people improve much better.

Stefanie uses her lighthearted and joyful character to encourage people to live their life to the fullest – Inmotion.

Without fancy Prezel yoga poses & one armed handstands Stefanie teaches in an authentic way which brings clarity and many smiles on faces.

Stefanie delights Yoga events all over the world, organizes amazing ‘Yoga Safari’ trips through South Africa and takes people as a tour guide up the beautiful mountains for her Yoga&Hikes.

  • Instagram: stefanie.dohrmann
  • facebook: Stefanie Dohrmann – Inmotion
  • website:
  • whats app: +27 76 981 1034


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