Speaker Application Form

Online speaker conference for one day of LIVE events a month only.

Ticket holders will have access to 20 new speaker videos each month that will be released on the day of the LIVE events. They will also have access to previous videos that have been submitted to our platform.

We will let you know if we accept your application to present a talk.

We will be focusing our marketing based on the education and lifestyle changes. Alternative, wholesome lifestyle. Its about educating the public.

– Talks will need to be prerecorded and submitted to us by 15th August. The month of August will be for marketing and the event will be on the 5th September.

– Speakers will need to have experience in public speaking – including online talks.

– Topics must be health and well being/esoteric related and interesting.

– Your backgrounds of your video must be clear or a picture related to your talk.

– You may use presentations or do demonstrations. White board or powerpoint.

– Audio must be of good quality.

– Videos must be recorded in landscape not portrait.

– Each talk must be 30 minutes.

Please submit Via Email to us info@thewellnesslifestyleconference.com

1. A link to a previous talk that you have done or submit a 5 minute application video to us.
2. Please submit a 1 minute video about your talk to us. We will use this in future marketing of your talk.
3. Head and Shoulder picture of yourself if you have not given one to me in the past.

Please do some marketing of your talk too. We do not guarantee numbers of views, even though we will try our best to market every talk.

So the more people you invite the better.
Even create an event on Facebook for your talk and invite everyone you know.
Send a whats app to all your contacts.