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The Power of Your Mind

YOUR level of success – level of happiness – level of achievement – is controlled by YOU! Whether on a conscious or unconscious level. Your thoughts have an effect on your emotional state – your emotions have an effect on the physical reaction in your body which defines YOUR LIFE. Based on my own life story and experiences I show you HOW to take control of YOUR LIFE and HOW to achieve what YOU want. Based on my own life story – with all the ‘high and low moments’ I have created the easiest step-by-step program to guide you to become the best version of yourself. Like my video to win your FREE access to this life changing program. ‘The Visionary Masterclass’. Find out more:


Sonia Maria Horn – born in Ireland and grew up in Germany – traveled the world – last lived in Thailand for 5 years where I began to intensify my research and studies on the power of the subconscious mind. Following amazing mentors like Esther Hicks, Joe Dispenza etc. I now am a certified clinical RTT therapist and help people to overcome limiting beliefs. Based on my own life story of having been rock bottom financially after a nasty divorce, heart broken, single mother of two little girls I learned HOW to take control of your life again which is what I am successfully passing on and sharing since the past decade.


FREE access to my program. I would like to offer FREE access to ‘The Visionary Masterclass’ Program – The STEP-by-STEP guide to manifest and achieve YOUR GOALS with ease. Setting your intention, having structure and getting into energetic alignment is key to success and achievement.

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