Sharyn Mc Neil

Remeber Who You Are!

Are You Ready To Live More Consciously, more Expansively?

• Access Your True Identity, Remember Who You are, Where You are From and Your Purpose on Earth?
• Gain Mastery over your Psychology, Life and Destiny?
• Open Your Inner Sight to Your Inner Divine Self?
• Actualize Your Greatest Potential & Creative Self Expression To Bring Out Your Unique Gifts/Talents?

I invite you to join me and listen in as I discuss the meaning and significance of your personal, unique number code , found within your birthday numerology.
In this conversation you will experience a numerical code activation, integrate the frequencies of remembrance that flow through you to allow your own sacred gifts as a LIGHT- Worker to come alive and be shared with the world!


Sharyn Ann McNeil is a Soul Plan Practitioner & Professional Numerologist, offering a powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing.

She has spent over 3 decades exploring her spirituality/creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life.

Having studied a degree in Metaphysical Sciences, along with a Healing Touch CHTP certification, is a registered Hypnosis, Grief and Breath-work Practitioner. She uses a channeled system of soul direction analysis to support and realign her clients with their Soul’s purpose & blueprint.

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A mini Numerology Soul Plan Chart

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  • Doris M Acquaviva

    Since I have found this wonderful group of spiritual leaders, I have been so excited about the future. I have been fascinated by numerology. I took a basic class but would like to go further with it. I would love to learn more.
    This is something I am very interested in. I am going through the Healing Touch certification process as we speak. I want to know what my soul’s purpose and blueprint are.

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