Sharyn Mc Neil – Video

Remeber Who You Are!

Are You Ready To Live More Consciously, more Expansively?

• Access Your True Identity, Remember Who You are, Where You are From and Your Purpose on Earth?
• Gain Mastery over your Psychology, Life and Destiny?
• Open Your Inner Sight to Your Inner Divine Self?
• Actualize Your Greatest Potential & Creative Self Expression To Bring Out Your Unique Gifts/Talents?

I invite you to join me and listen in as I discuss the meaning and significance of your personal, unique number code , found within your birthday numerology.
In this conversation you will experience a numerical code activation, integrate the frequencies of remembrance that flow through you to allow your own sacred gifts as a LIGHT- Worker to come alive and be shared with the world!


Sharyn Ann McNeil is a Soul Plan Practitioner & Professional Numerologist, offering a powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing.

She has spent over 3 decades exploring her spirituality/creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life.

Having studied a degree in Metaphysical Sciences, along with a Healing Touch CHTP certification, is a registered Hypnosis, Grief and Breath-work Practitioner. She uses a channeled system of soul direction analysis to support and realign her clients with their Soul’s purpose & blueprint.

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  • Thank you so much Sharyn – I so enjoyed watching your video and in that short time, I learnt so much – it’s such a fascinating topic! It’s really interesting how 2020 is playing out and I agree that it is the year of great shift. I’ve seen it in myself. Lockdown for me personally has been a blessing. It’s given me the solitude, time & space needed to begin my healing journey after the death of my husband. And yes, it’s been a time of waking up and discovering more of who I am. I find myself giving thanks constantly and I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more tolerant. I’m also so eager to learn about all things spiritual. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & insight. Love & light.

  • Aaaah beautiful Deb , my heart goes out to you as you navigate the loss of your precious hubby .All I can offer is my prayer that you continue to be showered with love from above , keeping you forever comforted as you live your heartache and your healing. Your strength inspires me sweetheart. Thank you for your kind words to me , your soul-tenderness, your generous, sharing, wide open and awake heart. You are a light showing the way. Bless you! Sending gentle kisses on your heart – and oh, so much gratitude for you xo

  • Hi Sharyn;
    Thank you for your heartfelt informative video of our connection to one another as well as the universe.
    Watching and listening to you as you shared info on the different dates of birth truly touched my soul. Loved your energy; so much love and compassion. Bless you!!

  • An amazingly uplifting and encouraging talk! Thank you for sharing these insights in such a beautiful manner! The birth numbers align so perfectly with the people I know, and my own tendencies. Truly divine!

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