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The Journey of your Soul

The Journey of your Soul is recorded in the Akashic Hall of Records. Every detail from the point of your creation until now can be accessed here. Find out about your Soul Essence, why we Reincarnate, why we have Contracts and Lessons and more …

You are so much more than you realise, so allow me the privilege of sharing your Soul Story with you.


Sharron Duff is a Psychic Medium and Transformation Coach and has been connecting with Spirit for over 20 years. Her qualifications include Akashic Record and Past Life Reader, Law of Attraction and Life Coach, as well as Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Healer. Sharron is also an Intuitive Artist and specialises in Spirit Guide and Soul Portraits and Introductions. Her business Quantum Soul offers a range of esoteric services designed to help you to live your best life!

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