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Changing the Plan – When no one else believes

We are living through strange times and a belief in a brighter future is slim for many but reflect upon when you were a child. We believed in myths and fantasies irrespective of whether an adult laughed at us or no. Children still believe in such myths today. But it is not the myth or fantasy that is important. What is important is that every child believes in hope and joy, the triumph of good over evil and that happiness will prevail. As adults, so many of us have lost that spark of belief having succumbed to the negativity of others. But yet as a child the opinion of others did not matter. How did the visions in our mind and the joy in our hearts fade. My presentation wishes to explore what was the turning point and how we can re-ignite that belief.


Shan Lee the author of the award winning Novel ‘Love Leiyah’ , a motivational speaker, radio presenter and special needs educator.
She currently hosts the radio segment called “The Bookstop” on Al Ansaar Radio (A segment on Reviewing and Discussing the latest books and promoting local authors)

As a motivational speaker her primary focus is on mental health, how best to overcome Depression and deal with disability. As someone who has battled to deal with, accept and conquer her epilepsy she has first hand knowledge of some of the most challenging experiences as well as the strategies that work best, something which she wishes to share. As an educator she has worked extensively in Special needs and Early Childhood education.

She has published many short stories and a Novella “After the Party” which sells on Amazon amongst other online stores and her Novel “Love Leiyah” is due for release in October 2020

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