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The Psychic Studio: Activate Your Psychic Powers

Sev Tok, Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Counselor, has been teaching Psychic Power Activation for 11 years. 
Learn how to:Activate your psychic powers Manifest quicker using your psychic powersBe more Clairaudient, also known as “psychic hearing”Hear the energy of a room or place-hear messages from Other Worldly Beings


Sev Tok, originally from Istanbul, is a Speaker, Author, Spiritual Counselor, and Experiencer.  Sev conducts Soul Sessions providing guidance to activate one’s potential, raise personal frequency, activate DNA, and consciously manifest in our Quantum Reality. 

You make have heard Sev on the No.1 radio show in North America, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, or maybe you have seen Sev on TV in the Canadian TV docu-series Encounter: UFO.  She speaks at Conferences and does interviews around the world. 

Her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens, is endorsed by leading UFO researcher Kathleen Marden. Sev helps Experiencers around the world process and understand their remarkable events. She is a Field Investigator for MUFON for the state of North Carolina and  a member of MUFON’s Experiencer Resource Team. 

There is a planet and star system named after her in the Star Wars Galactic System! 

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