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Self Care during the Pandemic

Join Selena as she gives you Empathic spiritual exercises to help your energy during the current vibration of the world.

She will be Speaking about how energy effects us, how to protect ground breath through this difficult time


Selena Joy has always been involved in spiritual learning’s and was fortunate to be trained and guided by strong spiritual teachers that have shown how to use her natural gifts of channeling and communicating with spirit. Her quest to learn energy healing has taken her to far places where she has studied many forms of energy healing. She has combined these spiritual experiences with learning reiki teaching, Quantum Healing, Hands of Light, Chakra Balancing/cleansing/healing, TIME, Pendulum, Chios, Karuna Reiki, hypnosis, CBT, NPL, counselling and being a mindful and life coach thus being able to offer both spiritual insight and methods to achieve peace and happiness within the lives of people that she meets – helping them on their journey and identifying and moving any blocked energy that hinders their path
Her life experiences, training and smiling caring energy are transmitting within the messages that she relays to her clients within her readings, within her classes and within the words she writes.
Selena has recently written a tarot guide book called The Journey to Enlightenment which is to be published by Watkins in February 2020 this book works with the Tarot cards that together with Daniela Forster they have channeled to bring through positive messages or hope and inspiration to help guide people through difficult situations and offering self help advise and ways to live a life more in alignment with your soul purpose. These cards are quite unique in the way that they focus more on the pip cards looking deeper into the emotional aspect of them.
Selena Joy also offers Tarot classes which she runs either in England or via zoom so that no matter where int he world you are you can join in her classes, where you can learn all you need to know to provide insight and guidance to others or to help empower yourself.
Selena Joy is a Psychic Medium – when reading her aim is to bring healing into your life with insight, words and message. When giving a Psychic reading she tunes into your soul contract to gain insight and information about your future so as to give information and guidance about certain issues and current problems to help guide you on the best route forwards and help unblock any negative energy standing in the way of you achieving your personal goals. Her mediumship readings are to connect you with your passed loved ones to receive messages and guidance from them and to provide comfort and closure


 I can offer a 15 minute recorded reading or a Hybrid Psychic and Mediumship reading

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