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The importance of being energetically conscious, to become authentically whole and healthy.

Being energetically conscious means we are aware of the frequencies we engage with on all levels – physically (food, exercise, etc), emotionally (people, past patterning, etc), mentally (thoughts, books, movies, etc) and spiritually (group consciousness, spiritual practices, etc).

We cannot look after only one or two areas and expect to be wholesome healthy humans. We should develop our awareness in all areas to ensure we are ‘feeding’ ourselves correctly.
This is especially important and the world moves through change and our reality, on many levels, shifts, and alters around us.


Sally Rossiter is an accomplished Healer, Channel, Teacher, and Counselor with more than 20 Years of experience. She travels globally bringing Spiritual truth, wisdom, and understanding to her consultations and workshops.

Her path began with her own illness in the form of Chronic Fatigue. Using energy healing tools Sally was able to bring herself back into health. This began a journey of service to humanity

Sally’s capacity to channel evolved naturally through her work with energy and healing.

Sally has trained in a number of healing modalities and is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master and Buddho Master. After 15 years of training and initiating in the Andean Tradition Sally holds the Kuraq Akulleq level of initiation, the highest level available on the planet currently.

Sally has written a book, The path to Cosmic Consciousness, which documents the 15-year journey through initiation in the Andean Tradition.

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