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Cultivating Self Beliefs That Empower

My talk is on personal beliefs as well as language. The beliefs we create are formed from influences of how we should be and show up in the world, not who we want to be which causes internal conflict and confusion of who we are to be. The language formed from those beliefs either empower to move forward and know no matter what or where we go, we can confidently move forward by supporting ourselves within ourselves. Not looking for the external support. Based on Mindfulness Cognitive Based Therapy and Moon Phase Release, my talk discusses how you can get to the root cause of the belief and transmute it out with support of the elements while connecting to the lunar cycle for a truer connection to self. Creating and forming new beliefs as well as language to set intentions and manifest the you you are to be.


Acknowledging my intuitive self at 37, this confirmed I am a clairvoyant, empath, intuitive energy healer. This confirmation came with taking courses to expand which also helped heal childhood trauma. My passion is to help others step into themselves discovering their true beliefs and create supportive language by doing so. I have been a professional intuitive ready and energy healer for 8 yrs starting in Calgary, AB and currently in Kelowna, BC in Canada. Leaving a 29yr career in the lumber/building industry in the summer of 2019 to pursue my passion, I have created a course combining MBCT and Moon Phase Release to help those drawn to it to allow me to be their practitioner through this discovery. I am a Higher Priestess Practitioner TM Level 2 with the Goddess Healing Matrix System TM, attuned and seeded with the Sutras from the Atharva Veda, Shamanic Moon Phase Practitioner, MBCT Practitioner.


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