Raine Dalrymple – Canada

Re-Pathing Your Life

How can we recover from the trauma, pain, isolation, PTSD, and fear that has occurred in our lives, especially in this last year worldwide?  There is an intelligence in Cell Memory that creates blueprints on our cerebral brain.  I’ll share with you how you can manifest change and shift reality.

Create a ‘Soul Vibe’ that will heal your past and current patterns, launching you into manifesting the life you desire.  After decades in Education and the Metaphysical realm, I reveal to you how you can tap into your inner world and connect with Consciousness which will transform you into and through an inner AWAKENING.  I’ll reveal to you how you can connect with your greater Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence that will guide you and assist you in accessing your highest potential.   

Dive with me into the expansion of self-awareness through Intuitive Consciousness that creates transformation.  We will visit, The Eight Keys to Consciousness from my newly released book “Sight Beyond Sight” to explore and discover how you can Ignite Your Soul’s Expression, Creating the Life You Were Born To MASTER.


As a Soul Intuitive Contact and Content Creator, Raine combines two decades in Education as Director of Programming & Facilitator with her Spiritual Practice to promote healing, enlightenment and awakening.  She brings to the platform her Certifications in Transcendental Imagery, Reiki & Energy Transformation and Motivational Empowerment.  Additionally, as a Media Artist, published Author of “Sight Beyond Sight,” and Oracle Guide, she is passionate in Empowering others to Ignite, Heal and Master their best self, through Practical Tools and the Metaphysical.



email at: sightbeyondsight222@gmail.com for A Free RADICAL WELLNESS TOOLKIT unblocking Limitations and breaking through Challenging times. Includes a guide and checklist for your optimum best self.

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