Rachael Setford Berry – UK

The Power of The Mental Layer

Rachael Setford-Berry, Teacher, Healer, Author & Modern Mystic reveals how important it is that we again embrace the logical when we heal, how using the mental layer will elevate your healing, how to engage it and how this leads to true multidimensional healing. The magic of the mental layer not just in healing but in also manifesting your life’s path. 


Teacher, Healer, Author Modern Mystic. Rachael is a healer of many years experience who brings the balance of both logic and emotion to her healing work, working with advanced Reiki, Galilean Healing, and the logic of the mind through hypnotherapy. A naturally connected child, through to her conscious connection as an adult, Rachael is also a natural psychic and professional Spiritual Medium. She loves to share in order to empower; placing the power of healing back in your hands and leading you back to yourself.


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