Psychic talk with Priscilla Gendron

Priscilla Gendron

So you think you have special powers

Can you communicate with your loved ones that are in spirit
or do you know things before they happen, maybe you feel your intuition is a lot stronger than most.

Join Psychic Mediums Priscilla Gendron, Lynn Monoky and Suki Klair as we explore all these things and many more

Priscilla Gendron
Suki Klair
Lynn Monoky

Psychic Mediums Priscilla Gendron from South Africa , Lynn Monoky from South Africa and Suki Klair from the UK.
They all offer many years of experience in this field and together they bring a unique approach and help simplify and demystify what its like to be a psychic medium.

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This panel will be broadcast live on Saturday 26th September starting at 2pm SAST (GMT +2).

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