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Imagine that you are live streaming the energy part of you into your physical experience. Your body becomes the receiver of your Soul’s information. What if you could clean up your receptivity and download more of this broadcast? How do you think you would feel living tuned in to your energy stream?

Body Balance Activation (BBA) facilitates a process which activates the body’s connection to its own energy stream. This intention allows the body to integrate very specific shifts and changes that are distinctly its own.

Energy healing from an extraordinary perspective.

Practitioners wanted!

Bookings for Courses now open!

Why choose BBA?
– Be one of the first to establish this unique healing modality into your practice.
-BBA is a brilliantly intelligent system, combining the power of intention with the spoken word, sacred geometry, breath and supportive hand holds.
– BBA has over 14 years of careful research, study and guidance behind it.
– It is designed to be straightforward to learn and easy to receive.
– BBA’s creator Tracy White is widely known for her powerful and clear teaching methods in Reiki and Sound Healing with Tuning forks.

– Unique.
– Structured yet flexible.
– Sessions designed according to client’s needs.
– Healing through all levels available in one session.
– Multi-dimensional healing.
– Client’s connect to their own source.

– Teaches the body to allow healing.
– Builds inner strength and resilience.
– Encourages self-knowledge and self-mastery.
– Repairs and restructures energy after a shock, trauma or illness.
– Knowledge of working with powerful intention.

Who can learn?
– Anyone interested in healing.
– A basic knowledge of energy and energy anatomy is required.
– Learning is hands on and experiential.

How long does it take to learn?
– Courses are run over 4 days.
– Two classes on the first day.
– The next 3 classes completed over the following 3 days.
– At home practice required.
– Certification on  successful completion of course.
– On going support is available.


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