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Benefits of a Remote Healing Session:
• Tia uses her skills as a Clairsentient Intuitive Empath to navigate and guide you through the world of energy and the various levels of your being, including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and the chakras and their related circuitry.
• Her sensitivities and training in energy dynamics offer a specialised opportunity to explore your issues, blockages and resistances as well as your development and advancement on all possible levels.
• These sessions facilitate confidence and empowerment with the emphasis of combining multiple levels of healing with practical energy enhancing life skills to bring balance, connection, peace and insight to live your best life.

Remote Healing Sessions – How they work:
• You treat a remote/distance session as you would a normal consult, the only difference is that the energy is transferred without physical touch and you remain in your own space.
• The remote healing session rate is R1200, and you will need to set aside the appointment time of one and a half hours, preferably where you can avoid outside distractions & be able to relax or lie down undisturbed during that time.
• Tia will call via Zoom/ Skype/ Whatsapp before the energy healing portion of the session to connect with you and discuss the intention for the session and then you will lie down and relax while she works.
• Once the energy healing portion of the session is done, Tia will call you again to discuss the session feedback and the way forward for you post the session.

Please feel free to get in touch via hello@innatehealing.co.za should you require any further information or to book your remote session. Please use the code: WLCPROMO when booking to claim your 10% promotional discount for Wellness Lifestyle Conference attendees & to enter your name into the free remote session giveaway bonus.

Your trusty co-pilots in health & well-being,
The Innate Healing team.


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