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A SOUL SIGNATURE SESSION is like a download of LOVE & LIGHT from the Universe, infused with a blend of INTUITION & UNIVERSAL DIVINE ESSENCE, lovingly carried out with the help and support of your Guides, Angels and Ancestors. I’m simply the Intuitive Translator that UNLOCKS your unique SOUL PLAN, YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE, YOUR SOUL LESSONS, challenges and SOUL GIFTS, providing you with amazing insights found in your name and birth date.

Your session will gift you with…

  • Your unique Soul Profile, gifts, talents, and where to find your flow.
  • Understanding your Life Lessons.
  • Insight from your Guides, Angels, & Ancestors on how you can create a life that is aligned with who you truly are & the energies that can help you do this.
  • The blocks, patterns, karmic issues, any restrictions keeping you from fully expressing your Soul Self and why you struggle with the same issues again and again.
  • Profound energetic clearing work to dissolve these patterns.
  • Guidance on how to take action that aligns you with your authentic nature and expression going forward.

This session includes your Numerology Signature Code analyzed and presented within a 40 page printed or emailed ‘Birth Soul Plan’. Insightful, helpful information around your Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire and Destiny Numbers. Clarity around your Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debts, Current Challenge and Personal Year. This reading also provides you with the Chakra’s and Crystals vibrating to your energetic vibration and star sign.


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