Sandra – Rainbow Retreats – Journey Through The Chakras Online Retreat



Journey Through The Chakras takes you on an online 7-day quest to uncover and release blockages in each of the 7 main Chakras, and then Integrate these experiences to facilitate a way forward that will enhance the next phase of your healing journey towards lasting wellness, joy and vitality, as you live your Purpose and find true fulfilment in life. Each of the 7 days will centre around each of the Chakras in turn, from the Base to the Crown. Various healing meditations and activities will be undertaken as part of your quest to  balance each Chakra. Day 7 will also bring it all together as we track back through the 7 Chakras and integrate the lessons of your quest, culminating in a personal vision for the way forward for each participant so that you can impart your gifts to the world as you are meant to.


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