Mirella – Luscious Liberation – 90 days from People Pleaser to Pleasure Queen



A divine deeply supportive journey to step into your feminine power – to claiming your visibility, your voice, your sensual aliveness and shine your radiant light.

You are done with pushing yourself to fulfill false ideals of a woman who has it all together!  You are over putting your own needs and life on the backburner. You’re ready to ditch self-sabotage, stagnation and control.You can no longer deny your body, ignore your heart and sell out your soul. Deep down you know you are worthy of so much more!

Together we work with the 3 parts of the brain, using the most powerful tools and proven strategies so you can achieve transformation at the deepest level. Combining coaching, neurobiology, somatic theory and modern psychology with ancient healing traditions.

Includes 10 sessions (75 mins) 1:1 with me plus individually crafted weekly practices.


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