Mirella – DEEP DIVE 1:1 Session



Feeling like you have a huge mountain to climb and are absolutely over doing it all alone?
The strongest and most successful people get extra support to get to the next level in their lives! At these times, you need someone who won’t judge you, try to fix you or rescue you… but truly empower you.
DEEP DIVE 1:1 with me in a 90 – 120 minute session to super-charge your transformation!
This session is for people who are prepared to leave behind blame, shame and self-defeating stories. It’s for those ready to be radically responsible for their future. We’ll be combining modern methodology, neuroscience, somatics and powerful strategies with ancient mystical traditions to assist and accelerate you in moving through any blocks in a mindful and nurturing way.
Before we begin, you will be forwarded a questionnaire. Please complete it in detail, beforehand, so we can really laser focus on key areas and make the best use of your time together.


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