Michael Coyle – Personal Development Program Ebook



Getting the basics right in our lives is a lot like building strong foundations for a house. When we have strong foundations for a house, the house we build becomes a home. When we have strong foundations for our lives, the life we create becomes a legacy.

In this program, we take you step-by-step though the process of building strong foundations on which to create your kind of life – a life that is authentically YOU, a life that brings happiness, not only to you, but to those around you. And a life that you never want to change.

This personal development program is designed to assist you in becoming the best possible version of YOU. It’s like building a home in which you can thrive.

There are 9 modules in total, starting with discovering more about yourself, then reviving your ability to dream and imagine, unearthing your guiding values (this helps you to live an authentic life) and creating a vision for your perfect life. Next you assess where you are now and work out where you want to be. To wrap it all up, you’ll create a plan of action and decide how to keep on track – which includes taming that self-sabotaging behaviour!


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