Mara – Pandora’s Box – Spiritual Learning Programme



From a land of magick and mystery, of fantastical beasts large and small we have uncovered this enigmatic treasure. Pandora’s Box. Within this box lies the secrets to thousands of years of healing, magick and imaginings beyond our wildest dreams…

In this Magickal journey, we will explore the mystery of the Ancients, the Etherics, the Mystics and the Magicians. We will take trips across the world, moving from one Sacred Earth Site to the next. We will spend time in the company of Shamans, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses. We will learn the value of mystical symbols and how colour can connect us to the realm of magick. We will get lost in Labyrinths and perform rituals and mantras whilst exploring mandalas and collecting Mala beads. We will get lost on the moments between breaths…

This is one journey that I am beyond excited to embark on. Are you curious enough to join me?

Click in the link to get your passport to magick, mystery and the sacred!

I so look forward to taking this journey with you!


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