Kelly Bonanno – 6 Week Eco Wellness Program



Private customized coaching program which includes 1 private Skype session every week. You will receive personal support and guidance in reaching your health goals. We’ll get clear on those goals together and I will motivate you and share practical, actionable steps you can all take toward a healthier lifestyle with my 5-step method to detoxing your lifestyle and achieving optimal well being. You’ll discover solutions and learn which healthy habits to implement that will have a positive impact with lasting changes.

There are habits and circumstances that are toxic to your overall well-being including environmental toxins, stress, anxiety, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, lack of self-care, and a negative mindset. I will give you tools and methods to reduce those things so you can optimize your health and well being. I meet you where you are so you don’t get overwhelmed and take you where you want to be giving you guidance and holding you accountable each step of the way helping you make lasting┬áchanges that become second nature for you. I’ll give you customized help to reduce your body’s toxic burden, improve nutrition and achieve optimal health with green living and wellness including clean beauty, clean personal care, eco home, lifestyle, self-care, stress management, nutrition, weight loss.


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