Problems Logging In?

How to buy your Ticket?

Go to
Click on GET TICKET on the left side.
Select the ticket you would like.
If you have a special discount code, you will see in small writing the green discount code request. You need to put it in before clicking on CHECKOUT.

Follow the steps.

How to get into Ticket Holders Section?

The 3rd Green button you can click on the section that says TICKET HOLDERS SECTION.

It should take you into the MEMBERSHIP section of our platform where you can visit the LIVE events page or browse our categories and watch videos of all our speakers.

Call Traci 0836771123 if you have any problems.

Problems with Payment

If you have problems with payment via Payfast or your bank authorising a South African website.

You can make payment in PAYPAL –

or Direct Transfer for South Africans
Body and Mind
Standard bank
Acc: 053171098
Branch 051001

Send Proof of payment to +27836771123 or
and Traci will send you a code to access our conference.