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Hello from the other side

Communication with spirit takes on many different forms and when you lose a loved one and want messages from them we look for messages big and small.
I take you through the process of how I link and communicate with spirit and loved ones that have passed on.
I take you through my own journey and tools and methods I use to communicate.


I am a psychic medium and healer and have been working and teaching in this field for over 25 years
I have lived and traveled overseas and gained knowledge and experience from that journey.
I have a very gentle approach to healing and can help with loss and grief and old stuck issues.
I also do cleansing and clearing of spaces and peoples homes.

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  • Hi Priscilla – it was lovely listening to you. I’ve lost a number of loved ones in my life, most recently my husband who passed over in October 2019. I miss not having him with me in his physical form. I’ve found myself becoming quite emotional in the past few weeks, thinking about him and what we are no longer able to share in person. That said, I am thankful and give thanks daily, that he’s no longer on this earth plane during these times of the coronavirus. I say that knowing how compromised he was health-wise (acute myloid leukaemia), and knowing that the likelihood of him contracting the illness were very high (he was in hospital weekly to receive transfusions and chemo). Not only would it have been painful for him physically, but mentally and emotionally for both of us, given the fact that we couldn’t have been with together. I know it was his time to continue on his journey when he did, but I’d love the opportunity to be able to communicate with him, through you. Love & light x

  • Hi Priscilla; I really enjoyed watching your video; it uplifted my heart and my soul! as I have lost many loved ones over the years and your words brought me comfort and strength. x

  • Hello Priscilla I enjoyed watching your video and thank you for sharing your story and offering valuable insights into the connection and communication of loved ones through Spirit. xx

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