Praveshni Harkhu – South Africa – Video

Psychic Awareness

An Introduction about my psychic abilities and my passion with daily experiences regarding consultations. Building individual’s confidence on psychic awareness. Explaining the different modalities used to conduct a psychic interpretation and spontaneous messages with the modality.


I AM natural born Clairvoyant/ Clairsentient, Psychic Medium, based in Umthlanga Rocks KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I am a professional psychic reader since (1989), I have built a reputation nationally and internationally.

I specialize in detailed readings that provide specific messages from spirit. These messages are directed by your dearly departed loved ones, the Angel Realm, our Spirit Guides and my Spirit Guides.
My vision is through impressions, images, nudges, smells, sensations, visionaries and feelings as long as the recipient is synchronized.

Being psychic comes naturally. Certain tools are used for the recipient to view the explanation of interpretation E.g. (tarot cards, angel cards, tea leaf reading, palm reading, runes and Kinesiology).
I am an intuitive Life Coach. I am able to help my clients uncover their deepest trauma, darkest belief patterns that are holding them back, and this helps the client change into positive beliefs that will open doors of opportunities and successful emotional lifestyle.


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