Paul Williamson

Healing through Past Life Regression

In this presentation, Paul will be outlining the process of past life regression. He will speak about how you enter a state of consciousness to experience the memory of a past life, and what you can expect when you get there.

Paul will discuss the various stages of the regression process, including recalling your past life death and journey into the Spiritual World. Exploring memories from past lives can be a fascinating journey of Self discovery. It can also be very healing. By opening to our past lives, we connect with who we are as souls.
It is an experience which can also have a lot of therapeutic value. Often, what is contained within past life memories can have a lot of relevance to our lives today. We can learn a lot from that.

Paul will draw on his vast experience to share some case studies to illustrate points that he wants to make. Come and enjoy this talk from a very experienced practitioner, about a fascinating topic.


Paul Williamson is an international Past Life Regression therapist, Life Between Lives Therapist, published author, and workshop leader.
He has been practicing professionally as a Past Life Therapist for over 32 years. Paul was trained initially as a Hypnotherapist. He did a three year Past Life Therapy training with Dr Roger Woolger. More recently, he became a Life Between Lives practitioner with the Newton Institute.

Paul is based in Australia but has spent much of his working life in the UK. He is author of 8 published books on allied subjects to his work, with two more books due to be published this year. Paul is a regular speaker at the Mind Body Spirit festivals in Australia, and he has spoken at many venues in countries around the world.

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