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Transformational alignment for the golden age

I’ll be discussing, how to transform ourselves from conditioned human beings into fully aware, universal beings, highlighting the gross amount of misinformation that is keeping humanity in servitude, through fear, denial of the soul body, and the unseen world. I’ll be discussing current and recent events, how they are affecting us, how to navigate through this consciousness shift, giving insight, tools, and tips. I’ll be introducing the Alignment Modality©, a channeled modality straight from spirit, who have asked that this frequency of information be taught to human beings to end their suffering and to get them out of fear. Fear being our greatest hurdle to overcome as a collective consciousness of human beings. Ancient information coming back to us uncorrupted. There will be a talk on the new age movement and the damage that it is causing people who are trying to find honest answers to their pain, including reputable teachers that have gone through their own authentic experiences.

Consciousness Aligns – New Human Paradigm

Humanities opening to this new paradigm of consciousness now washing over dear planet earth and humanity is proving tough for many human beings who are struggling to find emotional resonance and the actual truth into what’s really going on here in our current 3D experience. There are no real guidelines or explanations being given through our mainstream as to exactly what is happening in our internal world. We have been fed lies and misinformation for thousands of years which has caused a divide in our cellular health and severely diminished the output of our DNA potential. This talk offers insight, healing, and awareness. I channel for my Facebook group every week or numerous topics, offering my own awareness of growing up in a psychic family but more importantly now the channeling I’m bringing through from a conglomerate of beings called the Union of Love and Light. These beings are a spiritual collective force that shares the same intention which is helping developing planets in all areas of evolution. It’s a great honor for me to share their messages.


I grew up in a spiritual/psychic family. I’ve been involved in the esoteric all my life, which has allowed me to fulfill my souls contract as a healer teacher channel and writer. I have a patented new modality insured in 45 countries, which will be accompanied by the release of my channeled books through spirits voice assisting humanity, making our shift into the new Earths golden age, as the renaissance of consciousness establishes itself. I assist souls to assist themselves. Transforming human conditioning.

About Paul’s Business

Paul Quinton has been involved in the esoteric all his life, growing up in a family who acknowledged and worked with the unseen world. T his has given him the foundation to express his soul’s path uninterrupted; the path is to align humans with their souls and the spirit world. To anchor and ground consciousness within humanity and to bring this knowledge easily and digestible to a chaotic world full of misinformation.

Paul is a teacher of transformation and esoteric knowledge, a healer, teacher, channel, and writer. He practices out of London; working internationally on skype and has worked with celebrities. He has been flown to many countries as a healer and mentor; teaching internationally through his workshops. Being trained in numerous healing modalities has helped him in his work. However, his greatest teacher has been Spirit. They have provided him priceless information, knowledge and awareness of the world we live in. One of his greatest gifts is being able to channel, speaking with spirit through his own soul, through this ‘downloading’ process he has learnt much of what he teaches.

Paul has worked with more than a thousand people worldwide. He has written articles for mainstream magazines. He has spoken on weekly radio slots in America and at Mind Body Spirit events London, United Kingdom. He is currently hosting workshops for the new modality of Consciousness, which Spirit have asked him to teach.

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