Paul Gordon – Denmark

Instant Performance-Level Presentation Skills

Saying what you mean with style, energy, clarity and impact is what separates you from almost everyone in your niche… attracting new clients and inspiring current ones.
I provide simple, fast, hands-on understanding of how to immediately improve your delivery methods for the win-win accelerated improvement you and your tribe deserve.


Paul Gordon: I train people in Video Mastery and Performance-Level Presentation online. Over the years I’ve performed my own work on stages and tv shows around the world to an estimated audience of over 2 billion people… and I offer performance-level presentation techniques in my own method called The Art of Face Dancing.

I am a performing artist and master teacher/coach for the past 3 decades… my specialties are in 1. Saying what you mean, and 2. Getting out of your own way.


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  • As you may have noticed already, I am definitely not at all shy or reluctant to speak, soundly, with firm, but pleasant delivery, confidently, with such immediate purpose. I am creatively driven, from literally, making something out of what looks to be nothing, out of captivity, visionary bounded driven, mission driven, and goal driven.
    I am variety packed with a rare kind of mystique, that is most appealing to some unknown, untapped, territories, leading to a promising, diversified, portfolio.
    One spark that I might want to ignite, and be interested in, leaning towards, and focusing any and a majority of my attention on is, learning, mastering down to a science of and about stage presence and how to rally all of my tribe to and for whatever my entity(s) will turn in and out to be, after countless, tireless, hours and energy it will take to build and mold multiple streamlines of steady cash flowing, highly scalable, profitable viable businesses, that will eventually come to fruition, and prove to be the best catalyst, opening up the flood gates for me to finally soar on through them, be present bounded, and with impactful resolve, and resonance.

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