Patrick Porter

BioHacking with Light, Sound & Vibration

Learn how stress affects your DNA and how brain-based bio-hacks break the cycle with light, sound and vibration. With today’s 24-hour news cycle and the strain it causes, no one is immune to stress, but did you know that all stress is brain-stress? Find out why it doesn’t matter if your genetics say you’re at risk for accelerated aging, heart disease, diabetes or even cancer. With simple biohacks that are being used in over 2200 clinics around the world, you can take back control and safely bring health to your nervous system. These brain bio-hacks will help you eliminate stress, which can affect the genes of generations to come. Yes, you read that right, recent scientific discoveries show that your stress, or your ability to relax, will affect your future generations.


Patrick K. Porter, PhD and his team of scientists and mindfulness experts are leading the way in tech-assisted mindfulness through brainwave entrainment. In the process, they’ve made BrainTap Technologies a global leader in the personal improvement field. With a library of more than 1000 guided audio programs, BrainTap® allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance.

Unlike mobile programs that merely calm or soothe, the BrainTap Pro app creates a symphony of brainwave activity that restores your brain’s natural balance, so you can feel relaxed, rebooted and revitalized anytime, anywhere.

The BrainTap Pro mobile app provides multiple bundles, allowing users to explore self-improvement and peak performance in all areas of their lives, and the BrainTap headset adds the clinically-proven restorative power of light and frequency therapy.


Download a copy of my book, Thrive In Overdrive, How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle.

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