Pati Scamacca – USA

Transforming Shadow into Loving Presence

Transform core issues holding you back to your fullest potential. Connect your shadow feelings and beliefs to your higher awareness to turn obstacles into a source of inspiration. Reunite with your god spark for growing in self-love, acceptance, and your true nature of loving presence.


Pati Scamacca is dedicated to your healing. She facilitates moving through blockages to spiritual connection, spirit guides, angels, and your own healing power. As the founder of the healing collective, the Angel Healing Club, she connects you with an inspiring variety of teachers for community healing experiences. All healing experiences support following your inner wisdom and guidance and being a part of our evolving consciousness. As a psychic healer, leader, and teacher of intuitive skills for over 30 years, Pati empowers others to connect with the worlds of spirit. and



Receive a complimentary, full length eBook “Love is the Path Home. Spirit Messages for Awakening your Soul” channeled by Pati Scamacca. Open to any page for spiritual insight, inspiration, love, and truth that you will return to again and again. A true gift from spirit!

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