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Hang Out With Your Inner Guru

The self help world is abuzz with the words Self Love and Self Care. And while many of the tips that you can find in a Google search for how to feel happier may work you have an Inner Guru that know what works for YOU!

Learn the 3 Components Necessary to Connect with Your Inner Guru so that you can receive your own specific answers for how to navigate life in a way that feels better, is more self loving/self caring and creates greater fulfillment.

We’ll cover how to cultivate those components (yep, self care/self love contribute here) and the feedback loop to keep the lines of communication open between you and Your Inner Guru.

When you connect with your Inner Guru you will have information that is specific to You, Your Life and the situations that you are experiencing.

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Monica works with visionaries to create positive tangible changes in their love life, profession and happiness. Monica is an experienced Meditation Facilitator. She’s led meditation for educators in the Kyrene School District, is a volunteer meditation facilitator for Mindful Leader, guided business employees in meditation at on-site meetings, led a weekly community meditation group, led numerous workshops utilizing meditation practices, guides 1:1 clients in meditation and has published meditations. Monica has trained nursing students at the V.A. in Miami on a modality for improving physical, mental and emotional health. She has contributed to two best selling books. For over 9 years Monica was a police detective with the City of Phoenix. She is passionate about helping people to live fulfilling lives, being a holistic mom to her three incredible children, reducing human impact on the environment, traveling to new places and learning about the people, culture, animals and plants that inhabit them.


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